Mum & Me - Love Bracelet Set  (Rose Quartz)
Mum & Me - Love Bracelet Set  (Rose Quartz)
Mum & Me - Love Bracelet Set  (Rose Quartz)
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Mum & Me - Love Bracelet Set (Rose Quartz)

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Rose Quartz for:  Love | Self Love | Friendship | Inner Healing

A beautiful Adult and Childs bracelet set- so you can each wear one.

Works beautifully for children to know that they always have a link with their loved one.

Handcrafted bracelets made from Rose Quartz - Deisgned to support your child with self love, friendships and inner strength and to be worn as a reminder that they are loved.

Comes in hand stamped cotton pouch with a beautiful card for you to read with your child - and then can be kept as a bookmark or pinned to your wall.


Child's: Sliding knot design allows the bracelet to be tightened to the required size. It is approx 17cm when fully closed, and can open fully to approx 21cm to slide over hand.  You can check sizing at home with a piece of string. Older children / teens may be better with the adult size.

Adults: Measures approx 18cm on quality elastic 

Please ensure children are supervised when wearing items, and that they are removed at night and when showering and washing hands.