Warrior Stone - Amethyst
Warrior Stone - Amethyst
Warrior Stone - Amethyst
Brave Collective

Warrior Stone - Amethyst

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Beautiful Amethyst Warrior Stones designed to provide encouragement and support for your child.

Our Warrior Stones have been carefully designed to create a way for you to support your child with all the new and sometimes scary things that are part of their world, and to help them truly believe they are amazing, loved and brave!

We know how even something little can create a big shift in kids' minds, and can go such a long way to making a real difference in a child's world.

They come in a beautiful branded sliding drawer box, as we know how much kids love to keep things in special places.

Plus they include a drawstring pouch so they can carry it safely in a pocket or school bag when they want a little extra courage, or to be reminded of how much they are loved.

They includes this beautiful message:

I am an Amethyst Warrior Stone

Hold me tight while you remember that even when things seem scary, you are STRONG, BRAVE, and LOVED so very much!

You can do it because you're YOU!  



Worry Stones have been around for centuries and they are now becoming the latest trend to help both children and adults focus attention, promote self-relaxation and generate a sense of calmness.

They can help fidgety children focus at school, reduce test anxiety, help with homework and ease an anxious mind. Many children keep them in their pocket or in their bags to grab when they need extra support and ease stress. Used in therapy offices, classrooms, at home and in the work-space, Worry Stones are a quick fix to feel better fast.