Amethyst Worry Stone
Amethyst Worry Stone
Amethyst Worry Stone
Amethyst Worry Stone
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Amethyst Worry Stone

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Our Amethyst Worry Stones can be used by both adults and children to provide therapeutic & psychological benefits that help soothe your nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, help you feel grounded and help you clear your mind so that you can focus and think clearly.

For Kids

Worry Stones are the new Fidget Spinners! Although Worry Stones have been around for much longer, centuries longer in fact, and they are now becoming the latest trend to help both children and adults focus attention, promote self-relaxation and generate a sense of calmness.

Our Amethyst Worry Stones can help fidgety children focus at school, reduce test anxiety, help with homework and ease an anxious mind. Many children keep them in their pocket or in their bags to grab when they need extra support and ease stress. Used in therapy offices, classrooms, at home and in the work-space, Worry Stones are a quick fix to feel better fast.

For Adults

Worry stones are a discreet way to calm your nerves when you are in public or with a group. They are easy to have, easy to carry, and easy to use. Nervous about a meeting or date? Keep a stone in your pocket, massage it often, and watch your anxieties fade and your nerves calm instantly. With our Amethyst Worry Stone you’ll feel calm, cool and confident in any situation.

How to use: Gently move your thumb back and forth over the surface of the stone or hold in your hand whilst thinking positive thoughts to calm nerves and release tension and stress.

Use for several minutes throughout the day, as needed, for instant relief.

Includes: 1 Amethyst Worry Stone in Gift Pouch

Note: Due to the nature of Amethyst the depth of colour will vary.