Saturday Sessions

2.5hr workshop for 7 - 10 (approx.) year old girls

Creative and fun workshop to empower our girls!  

Where:Takapuna or Milford 
Cost: $52 - Craft and activity supplies included
If multiple sessions are booked in advance, we offer a 10% discount for the second and subsequent workshops. (Payment plan options available - please just ask). 
Sat 25 Sept 1.30 - 4pm                   BOOK NOW 

We run regular Saturday Session's each term with the idea of providing a fun inclusive space for girls to come regularly and to bond with others (who they then get to keep catching up with over the course of the term/year). 

Attending regularly also helps reinforce our messages and helps cement good practices and habits that will stay with them far into the future. 

Each session will be different with new craft and creative activities, plus a different topic, games and sometimes a special guest.

You can expect your daughter to:

  • Gain confidence, they will meet new girls their age in a safe environment and will create new bonds over the course of the program
  • Learn the skill of relaxing and switching off with a creative activity, which will set them up for later in life 
  • Have the chance to ask questions, discuss anything that is troubling them 
  • Feel valued, supported and encouraged
  • Have heaps of fun!     

Sessions run as follows

  • Welcome and catch up on our past week 
  • Getting to know each other a little with a gentle icebreaker activity
  • Discussion / worksheets / activities around our topic - such as self love, positive self talk, looking after ourselves, celebrating our uniqueness (topics change each session)
  • Creative Activities - such as painting, bracelet making, floral wreaths, dream boards, wall art, crafting (changes each session)
  • Finishing with gentle relaxation and gratitude exercise - three things that went well for me today



"Chloe so enjoyed her session with you on Saturday.  This is her second one.  She has hang up her Dream Catcher on her wall and has read all her positive thoughts and messages to all the family.  
Chloe also made a new friend which is wonderful and will be organising a play date with her.
I totally recommend the courses that Cath runs. They are fun as well as educational.  My Daughter is a confident girl and we teach her at home how to deal with negative thoughts and negative people but there is always things to learn and also to affirm we are doing the right thing." N. MacLeod  (mum) 




I was a very shy child who struggled for a long time with lack of confidence and anxiety - I am on a mission to help girls like me find their confidence early, so that they can get on with creating a life full of purpose and fun, without holding themselves back.

I LOVE getting creative and always have, and I believe that getting lost in a creative activity is so good for the soul, not to mention all the other added benefits of problem solving, relaxation, and channelling your inner child! 

I've studied as a Youth Mentor with the Shine Within Academy and have a passion for incorporating what I have learnt with my passion for getting creative.

I hope to meet you and your child soon :) 


Feedback from girls who have attended our workshops..

“When I first came here, I didn’t really want to come because I was missing a friend’s birthday party, but when I got here, I actually had a lot of fun and it made me feel better after because of the bracelet. It helped me through a sleepover, because I’m not good with sleepovers”
“‘Learning about other people was the most fun. I only had 2 friends at one of the schools, and then I moved schools and now I have a few. It helps ‘cause now I know how other people work so now I have an idea of what the people I have made friends with like [when looking for good friends”
“‘It makes me feel like I’m peaceful, like I am by a waterfall”
“‘If you have feelings, don’t keep them a secret”