Our Story


I've always wanted to find a way to help children, particularly girls to learn how to be confident in themselves, how to love themselves, and how to deal with anxious and negative thoughts, so that it doesn't plaque them into adulthood.

I was a very shy and anxious child and it held me back in so many ways. As I grew up I realised how important it is to believe in yourself and that self-confidence is really the key in creating a fulfilling and happy life.

I have trained as a Youth Mentor, learning the skills and tools to help our young ones and I am consistently amazed by how easy it can be to change ways of thinking, create positivity, and help these children learn to truly love themselves for who they are.

I love running workshops for girls, with a firm focus on fun creative activities - we work on providing tools to support the girls as they head into their tweens and teens. 

One of the workshops I recently ran was creating power bracelets with girls, something to wear to remind them to be brave, that they are loved, and to give them courage.  I was so thrilled to hear from many of the girls that these bracelets made a big difference - one girl said 

" My bracelet really helped me through a sleepover, because I’m not good with sleepovers, but I could look at it (bracelet) and it reminded me everything was ok. ”

Hence, my joy for the products we supply here - because often the littlest of things can make the biggest difference! 

Cath xx