How to wear & use

Our products have been designed to help support adults and children with self- love, positive mindsets, and most importantly to help create a fun-filled and fulfilling life! 

Below is further info about our products and how we suggest they are worn and used.


These are made from beautiful gemstones each with different properties. They also include a gold 'brave' tag which is meant as a gentle reminder to go about your day being BRAVE- which to us means allowing yourself to be ok with feeling the scary emotions and not allowing them to knock you off your path. ⁠


We stock both amethyst necklaces and a range of gemstone bracelets - these are special pieces that come with a message card including a poem designed for you to read to your child. The intention with these items is that you create a connection - if they are feeling worried about school, something new or scary you can tell them that by looking at their bracelet they will feel brave and be reminded of how much they are loved, and that they can do it! 


Our mum and me bracelet sets have come from the idea shared by a kindy teacher - often children feel scared/anxious to be parted from mum/dad or their special adult at places like kindy, school or sports activities - kindys often use the idea of drawing a smiley face on both parent and child's hand to show the connection to the child - so that once the parent has left the child knows that they can look down at their smiley face and know that they parent is connected to them. We have created this same connection with the bracelets - one for mum to be wearing and one for the child - so that they are always close and that they child is reminded they are loved.


It is no secret that we all like to hear positive things about ourselves. But there is SO much power in repeating positive mantras and statements to ourselves to direct our minds to positive thoughts and to help eliminate negative ones - it is super powerful and we believe one of the most important skills we can teach our children. Our wall prints and affirmation cards are designed to support and nurture an affirmation habit that becomes second nature for your children.