Our bracelets and necklaces are hand made.  Our stones are all natural gemstones and are sourced from a mix of countries including Madagascar & Uruguay - we do not use manmade stones.

Our message cards are designed and printed locally, nearly all our packaging is eco-friendly, and our courier bags are compostable. 


Our jewellery has a warranty of up to 3 months. All of our pieces are made to last when our care recommendations have been followed, however if you have been treating your piece with care and it breaks,  please keep all of the pieces and get in touch with us to discuss a repair/replacement.


To lengthen the life of (and consequently, maximize the benefits) of your gemstone jewellery, it's important to properly care for them: 

  • Do not use harsh chemicals or jewellery cleaners/solutions.

  • Avoid using body care products when wearing such as: hairsprays, perfumes, gels, lotions, etc. 

  • It is recommended that the jewellery be removed before swimming in chlorinated pools and spas. It is a good idea to remove jewellery any time it will be wet for long periods as it can damage the thread and clasps.

  • We suggest you roll the adult bracelets gently over your hand when putting it on and taking it off and refrain from stretching it unnecessarily and remove at night.


The necklaces are all hand-knotted in between each bead as a safe guard. In the event the jewellery were to break, only one bead will come loose. Our Necklaces are also made with safety pop clasps. Pop clasps have the same look as screw clasps, but breakaway MUCH more easily.​ 

  • Adult supervision is required at all times when jewellery is worn.
  • Jewellery is designed for wearing not for putting in mouth. Please choose the right length so that they can't get into their mouth - best for children aged 3 and over.
  • Please remove jewellery before bathing or swimming, as prolonged exposure to water may weaken the thread.
  • Jewellery must not be worn when your child is sleeping or unattended.
  • Brave Collective assumes no responsibility should any harm come to a child or adult due to our safety warnings not being adhered to, or other misuse of the products.

What size necklace should I order?

Our measurements indicate the length of the necklace, from tip of one clasp to the other. Using a soft measuring tape, measure your child to determine what length will be best. Your child's necklace should fit not tightly, but also not so long they can pass the necklace over their chin and into their mouth. 

As guidance we say

34cms: Ages 3-5

36cms: Ages 6-8

40cms: Ages 9-Teen