As seen on lifestyle blog "It's Sarah Lilly"

As seen on lifestyle blog "It's Sarah Lilly"

WAHOO - I'm So excited to be featured on Sarah Lilly's recent blog!

Here she talks about her Brave Collective Mum & Me bracelet set, and what it means to her and her son Jack... 

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Brave Collective - Bracelets

By Sarah Lilly

If you’ve been a reader for a while (or come over from Instagram, hi 👋), then you’ll probably know that I like my crystals. They are something I’ve gotten into in the last two years, and for the main reason that they bring harmony and calm into my life. Now I know most people fit into two camps – you either love crystals or just think they are expensive rocks. And everyone is absolutely entitled to their views. But even if you consider them rocks, I’m sure you can still agree they are pretty 😉 Jewellery is one of my favourite ways to include crystals in my life, and I especially wear a lot of crystal bracelets. I love the look of this type of jewellery and am all for the positive vibes that they create.

One brand I’ve come across recently is Brave Collective, and they do the most beautiful crystal bracelets (as well as beautiful palm stones and prints). They have a large range of crystal bracelets with all sorts of stones, as well as stacked bracelet sets. The cutest thing is they also do Mum + Me sets, so you can get a matching bracelet with your little one!

Brave Collective were so kind to send Jack and I one of the Mum + Me Matching sets, and we have the Moxie set. These beautiful bracelets are made from the stone Onyx which is known to offer protection, strength,  focus and will power. It’s called Moxie due to its meaning of “boldness and strength of character.” The black stone makes it perfect for boys to wear too, and Jack loves wearing his one because it’s “just like mummy’s!”. I love the idea that we can both wear these and remind ourselves that we are both connected, no matter where we are.

The adults bracelets are elastic, so super easy to slip on. I have tiny wrists and find that this bracelet still fits me really well and never feels like it would fall off. For the child’s option, they have an adjustable sliding knot design which allows you to loosen and tighten the size depending on your child’s size. Jack wears his on the tightest setting and it will not slip off him (and he’s four). The estimated age for the child’s bracelets is around 3-12.

I have to also say how gorgeous the packaging is when you receive an item from Brave Collective! Their white and gold boxes are just stunning, and the way they package the children’s bracelets is so special. They come in a little cotton bag, nestled in a beautiful box with the affirmation “Be brave. Be bold. Be you!”, and full of gold stars. Such a special unboxing experience!

If you are after a beautiful quality crystal bracelet (and in particular ones that match with your children), then I honestly can’t recommend Brave Collective enough. The attention to detail, quality and love that is poured into these bracelets is so obvious. I wear mine daily as a reminder that I am strong and brave.


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